This Week

I’ve been thinking about how I could begin this post all week.

How I could convey the overwhelming grief and sadness that has descended upon our family.

Earlier this week, we were summonsed to the hospital to farewell my Step Dad.

His health has been deteriorating for some time, but a routine visit to hospital suddenly turned into something much more serious.

Since then, along with my Mum and the rest of our blended family, I’ve spent hours beside his bedside, working out how to say Thank You and Goodbye.

One last time.

I think it’ll take me some time to process everything that has happened this week and I’m not sure I’ll be able to write about it again, but I wanted to acknowledge the kindness we’ve been shown and the support we’ve felt over the last week.

I also wanted to explain my absence here.

While there’s nothing anyone can say or do that will change the outcome in times like these, still, all the kind things people have said and done this week have made a difference and been so gratefully received.

So to the nurse who provided sandwiches and a cup of tea so we didn’t have to leave the room to go out and buy lunch, and an extra chair, thank you.

To my church family who has been checking in regularly and praying for us all week, thank you.

To my in laws and friends for their kind words, support and offers to help with our boys, thank you.

To my brother who walked me to my car in the hospital car park when it was dark, thank you.

And to my son, who wrote this poem for me to read to Grandpa – which I did – thank you.