A Few of My Favourite Things: Cameron, Gorman, Mr 2 & Sales

Let’s celebrate the end of another week with a moment to stop, reflect and savour. What’s been good for you this week?

The weather? A nice email or note in the mail? Coffee with a friend perhaps? A good laugh? You’ve found the perfect shoes? Shared or made a great meal? Are you reading a great book?

Here’s my collection of some of my favourite things this week.

1. Cameron Diaz’s Wardrobe in The Other Woman

I managed to see another movie this week, in a Guinness World Record Post Children Movie Watching Streak – 2 in as many weeks. I am ON FIRE.

Anyhoo, I really enjoyed the movie, it was a great chick flick but the standout for me (besides Kate’s line, “something that rhymes with schlintercourse”), was Cameron’s wardrobe.




Image Credits

In particular, her corporate wardrobe. Her outfits were sassy, feminine, sexy and modern. It was a lesson in how a classic, and predominantly monochrommatic wardrobe can be the chic-est thing known to womankind. If you haven’t been already, organise a girls night out stat. You’ll love it.

2. Gorman

There are so many things I am lusting over at Gorman at the moment, I don’t know where to start.

A couple of weeks ago, I went in to my local store and tried on at least 12 items. Yes, a dozen. I rarely, if ever, have tried on that many pieces from one shop in one visit. Let alone with a toddler in tow. There were THAT many great pieces.


I narrowed it down to three pieces and ended up buying only one – these fabulous Clouding Over Pants which are super comfortable and silky feeling.   You can see me wearing them here.

The rest of the items I am stalking on the online store in the hope that they will pop up in the Flash Sale (30-50%) soon. Pretty please.

3. My Master 2

Two year olds have a bit of a bad rep. Known for their tantrums and wilfulness, their inability to rationalise and eat weetbix without leaving a crusty concrete trail, they can be hard work. And with three boys, I have certainly had my fair share of toddler shenanigans.

Master 2

At the moment however, my littlest guy and I are enjoying each other’s company immensely. (It’s just the two of us at home during the day now both his brothers are at school).

He will be three years old in a couple of months (and growing out of all his clothes as you can see!) and right now, he is, generally speaking, just delightful. Of course I fear that, by typing these words, the magic will disappear but I just want to pause and acknowledge the sweet spot while it lasts.

4. Never Paying Full Price

I don’t know about you, but I am being constantly bamboozled by sales. My inbox is full of them. Every week there seems to be a new promotion running, whether it be a Spend and Save, a VIP shopping day or this week, the Vogue Online Shopping Night.

I love a good sale and I am loving that full price, in season stock is being regularly discounted. I appreciate that prices are inflated accordingly, but there is something fabulous about buying something you really want and need for less than you expected or were prepared to pay.

My latest favourite sales are Follow Store’s 25% off storewide (for a taster, see below) until 7th May 2014 and Veronika Maine‘s 30% off all coats, knits and accessories until Sunday 4th May 2014.


So what has been your favourite thing this week? Person, Place, Movie, Food, Experience, Purchase?