Welcome to the Weekend Rewind: The Holiday Hangover

Good evening and welcome!

It’s a great pleasure to be the guest host of this week’s Weekend Rewind. Thank you Bron, Kelly, Sonia and Sonia for having me.

It’s so good to get to the end of another busy week, isn’t it?

I’m certainly glad it’s Friyay.

We’ve now been home for a full two weeks following our four weeks in the US.

Since our return, I have quickly learned that there is no better way to see how crazy busy your day to day life is than when you have an extended break from it and then re-enter it, hitting the ground running.

I confess I’ve felt a little overwhelmed by our life upon our return. I’ve found myself mentally retracing my steps to that carefree moment on the roller coaster in Disneyland when I didn’t have a care or responsibility in the world other than to have fun and be in the moment.


Mr 8 and I gearing up for another round

It was exhilarating.

It was liberating.

I’m no thrill seeker or dare devil but I went on that roller coaster five times.


California Screamin’ at Disneyland

But holidays can’t go on forever and the real life back home needs living. And doing.

For me this meant two days of unpacking, two weeks of school notices to catch up on, several family birthdays to celebrate, presents to buy and cakes to make.

Getting straight back into the kids’ activities: basketball, soccer, trumpet, piano, band practice and swimming. And talk of adding cross country training into the mix.

And then there was the laundry.

I gave myself two weeks to get back on track and sure enough, it’s taken two full weeks for me to catch my breath. I’m now pretty much back on track and ready to meet Term 2 head on.

I’m still trying to work out what can give, what needs to stay and how to streamline our daily operations here at Shenanigans HQ.

I think it will be a work in progress.

It can be hard coming home, but I reckon the post holiday shenanigans are totally worth the chance to have a break from and gain perspective on Routine Central.

Have you had a holiday hangover? Do you find it easy to ease back in to your normal life after a holiday or does it take you a while?