15 Kris Kringle Ideas Under $15 for Christmas 2014

Note: You can read my Christmas 2016 Kris Kringle post – 25 Kris Kringle Ideas under $25 here.

It’s that time of year again.

Pieces of papers have been handed out with names on them or discreet emails sent.

The budget has been set.

And then the dilemma begins.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always treated a budget limited Kris Kringle as a bit of a challenge.

Ok, maybe a bit like the Shopping Olympics. I want to find the most awesome, original and suitable present available and wow people with my ability to find something fabulous in the designated price range.

Can you relate?

Even if you can’t, no need to stress, as I’ve done all the leg work this year to come up with fifteen fab Kris Kringle ideas ALL of which come in under $15. In fact, at least half come in under $10 so you can really wow your crowd with two fab gifts depending on your budget.

These gift ideas are ideal for work colleagues (the office Kris Kringle) but could also work for friends, coaches, service providers and the like – people who you wouldn’t necessarily go all out for but who you’d like to acknowledge and thank with a small but thoughtful gift.

Kris Kringle Ideas Under $15 #1

1. Block of Dark Chocolate, $8.95 from Kikki K; 2. Tennis Socks, $14 from Gorman; 3. Heart Box Set (small), $14.95 from Adrift; 4. Waterproof Bike Saddle Cover, $9.99 from Cycle Style; 5. Donna Hay Magazine Christmas Issue, $7.99; 6. Sprinkles Baking Paper, $9.20 from Robert Gordon; 7. Tea Light Candles, Lemon Zest, Pack of 12, $14.95 from MOZI; 8. 2015 Planner, $12.95 from Typo; 9. Button Studs in Rose Gold, $14.99 from Witchery; 10. Macadamia Toffee Brittle, $8.25 from from Haighs; 11. Mini Desk Calendar, $4.95 from Kikki K; 12. I Heart My Bike Bell, $9.99 from Cycle Style;  13.To Do List, $7.95 from Typo; 14. Flower Colander – Medium, $12.95 from MOZI; 15. Bike Cup Holder with Handlebar Mount, $14.95 from Cycle Style.

 If it’s easier to approach the Kris Kringle with the “sort” of person you are buying for, I’ve arranged the gifts by interests below.

For the Cyclists

In every workplace I’ve worked in, there has always been at least one, if not a group of people who ride to work every day. I’ve always been in silent awe of them. Wow the office cyclist this Christmas with a practical gift such as this Waterproof Bike Saddle Cover, $9.99 (4) or this fab Bike Cup Holder with Handlebar Mount, $14.95 (15), both from Cycle Style.

I also couldn’t go past the retro cuteness of this I Heart My Bike Bell, $9.99 from Cycle Style (12).

For the Office Pen Stealer/Stationery Addict

Deep down, there is a stationery junkie inside most of us. Who doesn’t like something new and shiny to brighten up ho hum days at work?

How about this Mini Desk Calendar, $4.95 from Kikki K (11), To Do List, $7.95 from Typo (13) or this glam 2015 Planner, $12.95 (8) from Typo?

Other options could be these Stamps in a Bag – New York, $9.95 from Typo (they also do Paris and London) and this Slim Gel Pen Pak (5), $7.95 from Kikki K.

For Foodies, Which is Pretty Much Everyone

Most people will be happy recipients of a gourmet Block of Dark Chocolate, $8.95 from Kikki K (1) or the heavenly Macadamia Toffee Brittle, $8.25 from from Haighs (10) which I have devoured with my colleagues on too many occasions to mention!

Non foodie gifts for foodies could include the Donna Hay Magazine Christmas Issue, $7.99 (5) or this retro gorgeous Sprinkles Baking Paper, $9.20 from Robert Gordon (6).

For Fashionistas

It can be a challenge buying the office fashionista a great gift under $15 but don’t stress, I have covered it with these Button Studs in Rose Gold, $14.99 from Witchery (they also come in silver and gold) and these fun but practical Tennis Socks, $14 from Gorman.

Also check out these Stella Pop Stud Earrings, $9.99 from Forever New. Sportsgirl, Valley Girl and Portmans also have costume jewellery and accessories at great prices.

For the Home Wares Lovers

If your gift recipient has moved into a new pad recently or is renovating, they might appreciate a little something to shooj up their new space. I’m rather partial to these lovely Tea Light Candles, Lemon Zest, Pack of 12, $14.95 from MOZI (7) or these Heart Box Set (small), $14.95 from Adrift (3).

I can also swear by this  Flower Colander – Medium, $12.95 from MOZI (14). I use mine every day for washing fruit and veggies -it’s melamine, goes in the dishwasher and looks pretty too!

Other options could include a nice mug like this one Anniversary Gold Mug, $14.95 from Country Road or the great range of affordable home wares at Typo’s The Hall, such as this Large Mason Candle for $14.95.

But Wait There’s More

I love including a variety of really useful gifts in my gift giving at Christmas time and I love to receive them too. If you’d like to include a gift to a charity as part of your Kris Kringle there are loads of options.  They can form part of or the whole Kris Kringle gift – just choose a gift that reflects your gift recipient’s passions or interests.

– At Tear Australia, you can buy a range of really useful gifts including a chicken, pre-school class or health and nutrition education for ($5), child safety or a vegetable garden kit for $10 and a school pack for $15. Check them all out here;

– At Oxfam Unwrapped, you can buy a chicken, seeds, women’s empowerment and fair trade eduction for $10, guitar lessons for $12 and $15 for cattle manure (might want to tread carefully there!). Check them all out here;

– At World Vision, you can buy school pencils for $5, chicken & eggs and fast growing seeds for $10 and mosquito nets for a family for $15. Check out the full range here.

For even more ideas, check out my Kris Kringle post from last year, The Top 9: Great Kris Kringle Gift Ideas under $15.

Do you do a Kris Kringle? What is your budget? What’s your pick of the above?