Christmas Gift Guides & Fashion 2014

Over the last month, I’ve published a virtual sleigh full of gift guides. I’ve tried to cover all of the possible gift giving scenarios – work Kris Kringle, women, men, kids, coaches, teachers – to hopefully provide inspo, ideas and to save you time and money this Christmas.

I’ve had a blast doing it and it’s certainly helped me think about and plan my present list. A present audit earlier this week revealed I was only missing one pack of spiderman undies. That’s a win in my book.

So, as we enter the final week leading up to Christmas, I thought it might be helpful to group them here, all in the one spot.

Let’s start with the ladies. There was Christmas Gift Ideas for Women.

Style and Shenanigans Gift Ideas for Women Under $50

And Christmas Gift Ideas for Men.

Style and Shenanigans Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Then there was Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids,

Style and Shenanigans Christmas Gift Ideas for Children - Graphic

and Stocking Filler Ideas for Children.

Style and Shenanigans Stocking Filler Ideas Under $15

For the cyclists of all ages and stages, I wrote this post featuring Cycling Accessories for the Whole Family (sponsored).

Kids Bike Accessories

The Work Kris Kringle was covered in Fifteen Kris Kringle Ideas Under $15, which also has great stocking filler ideas for older kids and adults.

Kris Kringle Ideas Under $15 #1

And last but not least in the gift category was Gift Ideas for Teachers, Coaches, Carers and Helpers.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers et al graphic

And if you are wondering what to wear across the Christmas/New Year period, the following posts will hopefully provide some inspo:

What to Wear on Christmas Day/New Year’s Eve

What to Wear on Christmas Day:NYE Boho

and What to Wear to the Work Christmas Party

Style and Shenanigans What to Wear to the Work Christmas Family Day

Once the formalities are out of the way, you might be heading down the coast or to the local pool. With this in mind, I wrote What to Wear to the Beach.

What to Wear at the Beach Slider

And last but not least, here’s my take on putting a Christmas table together on a budget (sponsored).

Christmas Table Setting on a Budget Graphic

Well, that’s the Christmas wrap from me this year. Happy shopping and I hope I’ve helped you save time or provided you with some inspo this Christmas and beyond. Happy Christmas!

What’s been your fave gift guide this year? Have you found any inspo or ideas around these parts?