Where to Shop in Bali

Updated June 2017

What images spring to mind when you think “shopping in Bali”?

Bintang stubby holders?

“I heart Bali” underpants?

A t-shirt featuring our favourite friends Rhonda and Katut?

Snap. Me too.

So you can imagine my surprise the first time I landed in Seminyak – I’ve since visited three times in the last three years, most recently in June 2017 – to find more fabulous shops than you could poke a satay stick at.

Where to Shop In Bali

What I found was different and interesting. More often than not, what I found was also substantially less expensive than their equivalent (if there is one) in Australia.

So in this post, I’m sharing all my shopping intel. I’ve also set out some suggested shopping routes so you can get a sense of where everything is, which shops are located near each other and plan your shopping. (If you’d like my intel on Bali with Kids, head over here and What to Do on a Girl’s Trip to Bali here).

Just a bit of housekeeping before we start. Firstly, all of the places below are situated in Seminyak, twenty minutes from Denpasar airport. However, some have online stores or stores in a number of locations.

Also, when I’m talking prices, I have referred to the approximate equivalent in Australian dollars.

Ok. Let’s do this!

Where to Shop for Women’s Clothing in Bali

1. Mist – Mist clothing and resort wear is much coveted in Australia but it is uber expensive. A Mist maxi dress will set you back around $180 and tops are around the $120 mark. But if you shop at one of Mist’s two boutiques in Bali, you’ll pay half that. On my most recent trip, I bought a cute sundress for $95. It’s not a bargain by any stretch but is almost half the RRP in Australia.

Where to Shop in Bali

If there’s a sales rack, trust me, it’s worth having a look through as they are all marked down by 50%. Oh and I went to two different Mist stores in Seminyak (there was a third but it’s been closed down) and they all had slightly different stock. There is now one boutique opposite Motel Mexicola and another in the busy shopping strip running from The Corner House down to Seminyak Square. For more information, you can visit Mist here.

2. Bali Boat Shed – This clothing boutique is next door to Body Works, and a couple of doors down from Sea Circus on the corner. Here, you’ll find floaty summer frocks and resort wear for the girls and tees, shorts and accessories for the fellas.

I spotted some very Zimi-esque frocks and prints here, so if you’re still mourning that Mister Zimi has left Bali – sob – try your luck here instead.

3. Uma and Leopold – If you’re looking for some respite from all the colour, you’ll find more muted tones and understated boho styles at Uma and Leopold.

Where to Shop in Bali - Una and Leopold

Think lace, embroidery, silks and linens with statement accessories, on trend shoes and prices more comparable to Australia. For reconnaissance or some post holiday shopping head here.

4. Pop Up Shop – there was plenty to love in this men’s and women’s clothing boutique. I picked up a very pretty tiered frock for around $120. It’s definitely at the more expensive end of the price spectrum but I didn’t see anything like what they were selling elsewhere – both prints and some more interesting styles.

5. Puravida – You’ll find gorgeous statement printed tops, dresses and pants, jewellery and bags at Puravida. The same prints are repeated in different styles and in different colours, so if you fall in love with a print like I did, you’ll be sure to find a piece that flatters you.

Where to Shop in Bali - Puravida

The dresses are around the $65-$70 mark and there were some excellent pieces on the sale rack as well. I loved the design of this store too – it had a kind of eco/boho/handmade vibe going on. For more info, visit Puravida here.

Where to Shop in Bali - Puravida and Indigo & Rose

6. Indigo & Rose – This shop is full of casual, colourful dresses, shoes and accessories. I picked up a great beach dress which I wore here. Everything I saw was $50 or less and while prices are fixed,I was told a discount is offered if you buy 5 of more pieces, so go with a friend. For more info and store locations, visit Indigo and Rose here.

7. The Market at Seminyak Square – Several of the stalls at the Seminyak Market sold women’s and girls clothing. I picked up a couple of light summer maxis for around $15 each and some cotton, kaftan dresses for around $20, including the one I am wearing in the photo below. Some have fixed prices but again, if you buy several, you can negotiate a better price.

Where to Shop in Bali - The Seminyak Square Market

Where to Shop in Bali for Jewellery

1. Silverberry –  There are quite a few silver jewellery stores around Seminyak and they all looked pretty good to me. I went to Silverberry as several people had personally recommended it to me. While some of what was on offer wasn’t up my alley, I did find several things that were – including the silver earrings below which were about $20.

Where to Shop in Bali - Jewellery

ABOVE: Gold earrings from Scandi; silver drops, gold hoops and silver studs from Silverberry; gold drops from Puravida; tassel necklace from Seminyak Square market.

For info about store locations, or for some pre holiday reconnaissance and to visit their online shop, visit Silverberry here.

2. Scandi – Scandi is a jewellery store with tasteful and modern gold and silver jewellery around the $30 – $40 mark. I picked up a gorgeous pair of gold earrings here (pictured above). There are a few Scandi stores scattered around Seminyak but I went to the one near the Bintang supermarket.

Where to Shop in Bali - Scandi

3. The market at Seminyak Square – There were a few stalls selling jewellery here. I found it was a bit hit and miss but I managed to pick up several coloured tassel necklaces for $5 a pop, when I bought several at once. Again, the more items you buy, the better the per unit price.

Where to Shop in Bali - Jewellery in Bali collage

ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHT: The three photos on the left are of Toko Emporium; the top right is of the tassel necklace wonderland that is DeVibe; bottom right is Silverberry.

I found some great jewellery at other stores that were not exclusively jewellery stores including Puravida, Mimpi Mannis, Home Store and Toko Emporium. DeVibe, (on the opposite side of the road to Bintang Supermarket, heading towards Legian) is also the place to go if you are looking for a neon tassel pendant – this place was full of them.

Where to Shop in Bali for Jewellery

ABOVE: Tassel Necklace from The White Peacock; Statement Earrings from Home Store; Green Tassel Necklace from Seminyak Square Market; Silver earrings from Silverberry; Blue earrings from Mimpi Mannis.

Where to Shop for Bags and Clutches

1. EBiza-  This shop is a couple of doors down from The Junction cafe, opposite Seminyak Square.

Where to Shop in Bali - Bags and Clutches

This store sells shoes and a range of leather products but it was their snakeskin clutches (including the brown one below), that I loved.

I also found the prices here were better than the markets. For example, I bought the smaller size clutch for $23 (it was marked at $30 but I was told as soon as I entered the shop there was a 20% discount).

They sell all sizes of clutches, bags and shoes in a variety of colours. I liked that I could pay by credit card in their store and save my local currency for incidentals.

Where to Shop in Bali for Bags

ABOVE: Coin purse from Kayu Aya Square Market; key ring from Puravida; clutch from EBiza.

2. Kayu Aya Square/Oberoi Market  – I bought the cobalt blue leather and cow hide coin purse (above) from a leather stall at this market, a short walk from Seminyak Square. I also found some fab fabric clutches. They had a lot of great stock but there were no fixed prices so be prepared to bargain. Make sure your stock isn’t sun or rain damaged too. On my last visit I noticed quite a bit of damaged stock in some of the stalls.

3. The Market at Seminyak Square – I found a stall with a great range of neon patterned tote bags, clutches and larger, fabric over the shoulder bags. Again, by buying more than one, they are happy to bargain with you. I ended up buying five tote bags for around $100 (birthday presents sorted). The same bags at boutiques such as Home Store had a fixed price of $45 or more.

Style and Shenanigans Where to Shop in Bali for Shoes, Jewellwey & Bags - NEUTRAL

ABOVE: Sandals from Papillon; beaded necklace and clutch from Puravida.

4. Puravida – as well as clothing and wooden beads, Puravida stock a small selection of handmade bags and accessories. I picked up a couple of gorgeous fabric clutches (see above) here for $12 a pop.

5. Toko Emporium – This is a beautiful store with beautiful, handcrafted jewellery, home wares and accessories.

Where to Shop in Bali - Toko

I bought the most fabulous bag here (below) made from leather and local fabrics. It was one of the most expensive stores I visited but I did pick up a great pair of pink tassel earrings for $12 (below). Check out their Facebook page here for the latest or some pre trip scouting.

Where to Shop in Bali for Bags, Shoes and Jewellery - PINK

ABOVE: Sandals from Cat Sweet; pink earrings and bag from Toko Emporium.

6. Papiya – this is a barn of a place, located directly opposite the landmark Bintang supermarket.

Where to Shop in Bali - Papiya

In here you’ll find aisles of jewellery and loads of other accessories. Here is where I spotted some great metallic clutches and this divine woven clutch pictured below.

Where to Shop in Bali - Green Clutch

ABOVE, CLOCKWISE: Coasters from Kay Aya Square market; Pineapple bottle opener from Rose Avenue; tassel necklace from Seminyak Square market and woven clutch from Papiya.

I also found great bags at The White Peacock, Minnis Mampi (below) and another local shop, Abang. There is plenty of great stock around.

Minis Mampis - Bali Shopping

It’s just a matter of having a look around and finding something that is the right colour, style and price for you.

Style and Shenanigans Where to Shop in Bali for Bags

ABOVE, CLOCKWISE: Mimpi Mannis; a stall at the market at Seminyak Square; Abang.


ABOVE: Pendant from Toko Emporium, Top from Mist and clutch from Kayu Aya Square market.

Where to Shop for Shoes

1. Papillon – This shop was close to our Villa, just down the road from the Bintang Supermarket, so I was able to duck in a few times. It’s not a big shop but it has a good range of sandals and wedges for women as well as a girls’ range. The women’s shoes were all around the $65 – $75 mark.

They are handmade from leather, come in some great colours and the pairs I bought were finished well, comfortable and appear to be of excellent quality.

To visit their website and for the store’s exact location, visit Papillon here.

Where to Shop in Bali for Shoes

ABOVE: Sandals from Papillon; earrings from Home Store and neon tote from the market at Seminyak Square.

2. Cat Sweet – This is a small shop, a couple of doors down from Papillon. The shoes were quite a bit less expensive but I had difficulty getting my size (I’m a 40/41) in the styles I chose. I did buy a pair of bronze sandals for approx $18 though. There was lots to like here at some great prices.

Style and Shenanigans Where to Shop for Bags, Jewellery & Shoes - TURQUOISE

ABOVE: Bag from Minnis Mampi; tassel necklace from market at Seminyak Square; wedges from Papillon.

3. ET Club – If pom poms, colour and a bit of bling are your thing, you will LOVE ET Club, pictured below. They also stock accessories, clutches and bags, so you’ll be decked out from head to toe when you’re finished here. Sandals are around the $50 mark.

4. Mimpi Mannis – You’ll find colourful, neon coloured woven sandals here around the $35 mark. They also have an online store and ship worldwide – hooray!

5. Beachgold – This is a lovely shop full of simple, tasteful resort wear. There was also a nice range of dressy sandals but I didn’t have any luck with sizes. You can see more here.

Where to Shop in Bali for Home Wares

There are loads of great home wares in Bali. I love to fill my home with pieces from my travels and Bali did not disappoint.

Neutral and metallic decor – crochet, shells and feathers – were everywhere on our most recent trip in June 2017 along with pineapples and palm trees.

Bali Shopping - Pineapple Homewares

ABOVE: The pineapple mirror is from Toko Emporium (which was gifted to me), the gold pineapple (I also picked up a silver one) is from Kayu Aya Square market, pineapple serving ware and bottle opener from Rose Avenue.

1. Rose Avenue – this is a beautiful store opposite The Corner House.

Bali Shopping - Rose Avenue

In here you’ll find linen and accessories for children’s bedrooms and lots of well priced decor, vases, lighting, furniture and serving ware. I couldn’t go past the pineapple and palm tree serving ware below. 

Bali Shopping - Rose Avenue

2. Kim Soo – This Bali meets the Hamptons home wares store slash cafe is so gorgeous you’ll be looking for excuses to stay, so why not have a coffee while you ponder potential purchases? I loved the woven napery, feathered decor, marble cheese boards and oversized ceramics. I may have also left with a set of Palm Tree brass hooks …

3. Satunama – This is a beautiful store, a couple of doors up from Sea Circus and next door to Kim Soo. You’ll find printed cushions, woven goods and basket ware, modern light fittings and colourful tableware. I could easily fill an international shipping crate here. You can read more here.

4.  Samantha Robinson – If fine, beautiful, painted ceramics are your thing, you will love Samantha Robinson. I spied a great range of dishes, jugs, vases and the like but it was her light pendants and market umbrellas which made me want to organise international shipping on the spot. You can visit her online store here.

5. Mercredi – For screen printed napery, luxe cushions, beautiful furniture and decor, you can’t go past Mercredi.

This beautifully styled shop is a one stop shop for tasteful interiors.

6. Home Store – This is a very cool white washed store selling a select range of neon patterned cushions, totes, clutches, clothing and jewellery. The cushion covers  here were around the $40 mark and the totes around $45. I found some great earrings here, after which I walked through the store into Revolver for a coffee (there is a door into Revolver at the back of the store). You can see more here.

7. Local Handicraft Stores – there are lots of little shops dotted around the place selling everything from pressed tin to neon buddhas. They are well worth a visit and you will find that the prices are very reasonable compared to the bigger, posher stores. I made a point of visiting these shops to try and support some local traders too.

Around the corner from Corner Store, I also found an unassuming shop selling a great range of pressed tin, where I picked up trays, Christmas decorations and little decorative storage tins.

Where to Shop in Bali for Children’s wear

1. Jellyfish Kids – A couple of doors up from Corner Store and pictured below, Jellyfish Kids is a lovely shop full of pretty, colourful girls clothing including lots of bright accessories. I even managed to find myself a fab trilby here. You can visit their Facebook page here to see their latest.

Bali Shopping - Jellyfish Kids

2. KidsAGoGo – This lovely but rather expensive boutique, pictured below, is full of gorgeous children’s wear for babies to ten year olds.

I saw lots of great prints including neon spots on pretty dresses, hats and bathers and smart check shirts for the lads. You’ll also find some great accessories including hair ties, woven bags, as well as some gorgeous bits and bobs for the nursery. It’s a good place to buy a new born gift or to buy a special frock or shirt for an upcoming occasion. For more info and to check out their online store, you can visit them here.

Bali - Kids Shop

3. The Market at Seminyak Square – Several of the clothing stalls at the market stock pretty girls dresses. I bought several for my nieces which you can see here. I paid around $8-$10 per dress.

The Markets in Bali

As you see from the above, I spent a bit of time at the market in Seminyak Square. It took me a few days to find it though, as it is obscured from the road. It is just to the left as you walk through the car park entrance. I had GREAT success here although, unlike the shops above, it involved a bit of bargaining and to-ing and fro-ing. There are a couple of secure ATMs too on site too if you run out of cash.

When it came to bargaining, I tried to be fair – not paying heaps more than what I’d paid or seen advertised elsewhere – pleasant – people are just trying to make a living and look after their families – and un-begrudging. I realised I could have paid less for pretty much everything if I went in hard but really, a dollar here or there means a lot more to them than it would to Westerners like me. Everything is so much cheaper anyway so I tried to be generous and gracious at all times.

Bali Market at Kayu Aya Square Collage

The other market that is worth visiting was at Kayu Aya Square (pictured above), a little further along the road from Seminyak Square towards Ku De Ta. There was some great stuff on offer here (dresses, silk, leather clutches, home wares, jewellery) although I found the market much quieter and the stall holders asking for considerably more than the Seminyak Square market and therefore there was more negotiating required.

Getting Your Bearings & Suggested Shopping Routes in Bali

Generally speaking, the nicest but most expensive shops are in the streets leading into and around Seminyak Square. Particularly, there are some fab shops around and in the walk from Sisterfields down to Motel Mexicola (Uma and Leopold is a couple of doors up, then, on the other side, House of Feathers, The White Peacock, Samantha Robinson and, eventually Mist) and around the corner up to Sea Circus (Bali Boat Shed, Kim Soo and Satunama). Perhaps start with lunch or a juice at Sisterfields and finish with a mojito at Sea Circus.

If you begin at Corner Store (for breakfast, coffee or lunch), in the area immediately surrounding it, you’ll find Rose Avenue, ET Club and Pop Up Shop and then around the corner, Mimpi Mannis, Jellyfish Kids and Toko Emporium. Mecredi is just around the corner towards the Bintang Supermarket on the Mimpi Mannis side.

In the kilometre or so from the landmark Bintang supermarket (where we stayed on our visit in July 2014), which was near, heading towards Seminyak Square, (so turning left as you come out of the supermarket), there was plenty of great shopping including Indigo & Rose, Cat Sweet, Puravida and Papillon.

Beginning at Bintang supermarket and walking in the opposite direction towards Legian (right as you come out of the supermarket), directly opposite you’ll find Papiya. Then, in the next kilometre you’ll find DeVibe on the same side of the road and crossing over again, Abang and then Silverberry before you reach the Haven Hotel.

For More Bali Info,  you can read my post on Bali with Kids here and my list of ten great places to eat and drink in Bali here.

If you’re heading to Bali with the girls, check out my What to Do on a Girls Trip in Bali here.

So, what do you think? Are you as surprised as I was about the quality of shopping in Bali? If you’ve been to Bali lately, did you visit any of these shops and/or could you recommend any others? What would be on your shopping list?