SnS 7 Day Colour Challenge

As many of you know, I love a bit of colour.

In fact, I “do” colour every day.

On my person. In my home. On my kids. When wrapping a gift or choosing a tea towel. You get the drift.

Not surprisingly, many people have commented to me over the years about the fact that I wear a lot of colour and the way I wear colour. Apparently, I tend to stand out.


In response, I often say that I am my mother’s daughter.

My Mum grew up on the Gold Coast and is not afraid of colour. In fact, her wardrobe is full of colour. From aqua to apricot, she’s got it covered.

When I was in high school in the early 90s, I will never forget my Mum coming to school from work to pick me up. She was all Princess Di hair (her style icon) in a navy suit, with a red collared shirt and matching pointy red heels.

I was deadset mortified. All the other Mums were wearing beige. There was a lot of Country Road beige going on at my private girls school (I was on a full scholarship, another story for another day). However, my Mum didn’t “do” beige.

Mum in the 90s

Now, I look back and admire her confidence, her style and her sassy ways. She always looks a million bucks (she was in her mid 40s when this photo was taken) and knows what colours suit her and what works. She also always encourages colour confidence in me (she loves me in red).

The other night, she rang to tell me that she had just hooked herself up (my words, not her’s) with some purple Salt Water Sandals, after admiring my sister’s pair. I laughed and loved it. She is gracefully navigating her 60s and is cracking out Salt Water Sandals (the purple bit didn’t surprise me). I could not have been prouder.

But not everyone is confident with colour. Could you do with a little horizon expanding on the colour front? Do you find yourself gravitating to or wearing the same colours all the time? Are you up for a challenge? A little shooj up if you will?

How would you like to do a Colour Challenge together?

Basically, the idea is that for each day of next week, beginning on Monday, I will nominate a colour. You might like to wear a little or a lot of that colour. In any shade. Just to mix things up. It might be a pair of earrings, nail polish, a scarf, a pendant or a pair of shoes. Or head to toe. Please yourself.

I’ll post a photo of my outfits every day and create some posts for further inspiration and colour style ideas. What do you think?

I’d love to see your photos on the blog or the SnS Facebook page so feel free to post them. If you are on Instagram, just use the hashtag #snscolour. I’d love to do a collage of photos in each colour too – how cool would that look?

The Style & Shenanigans 7 Day Colour Challenge Graphic (2)

What colours do you usually wear? What would you like to wear more of? Would you like to join in the SnS Colour Challenge?

Image of Girl Holding Balloons Credit: Pinterest