SnS Style Update: 25 Autumn Scarves from Luxe to Less

One of the things I love most about the beginning of autumn in Melbourne is the arrival of fresh mornings and cool nights. The afternoons are usually sublime but it often takes the best part of the morning for the coolness of the night to dissipate.

It’s the time of year when I reach for my scarves after their summer hiatus. I love that the addition of an extra layer creates more outfitting possibilities. A finishing touch. The addition of a pop of colour to work back with a pair of shoes. A lift to a basic outfit that can be thrown off as soon as you get home again.

SnS Autumn Style Update 25 Scarves from Luxe to Less.jpg

I am a scarf lover from way back and have scarves of all colours, fabrics and styles. For me, the queen of scarves however, is the snood. Also known as an infinity scarf, a snood is a game changer.  Why? No need to style it. Just loop it once, twice or three times, depending on the length.

I also like the word “snood”.  How cool is it? It reminds me of the thneeds in Dr Suess’ The Lorax which I have been reading on high rotation of late. But I digress.

In warmer weather, I like a long and a short loop. As it gets colder, I go for a double loop of the same length which keeps me warm and feels like a warm, fashionable neck brace. Trust me. Buy a snood in a colour or print that flatters you and you will never look back.

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Below are a selection of 25 new season scarves, highlighting current trends. They range in price from $20 to $69.95 and are arranged from least expensive through to most expensive.

What’s your pick?

Snoods, Glorious Snoods

SnS Style Autumn Update Snoods.jpg

1. Grid Intarsia Snood, $29.95 from Sportsgirl; 2. Butter Loop Scarf, $39.95 from Sussan; 3. Reptile Foil Snood; $49.95 from Seed Femme; 4. Animal Loop Scarf, $49.95 from Sussan; 5. Endless Knit Scarf, $69.95 from Witchery.

Check Scarves

SnS Style Autumn Update Check Scarves.jpg

1. Black & White Check Scarf, $24.95 from Portmans; 2. Grey Check Scarf, $29.95 from Seed Femme; 3. Check Scarf, $29.95 from Sportsgirl; 4. Mini Check Scarf, $39.95 from Sussan; 5. Check Wool Scarf, $69.95 from Country Road.

Solid Colour Scarves

SnS Style Update Autumn Scarves Colour.jpg

1. Pom Pom Trim Scarf, $24.95 from Sportsgirl; 2. Khloe Fine Knit Scarf, $24.95 from Portmans; 3. Colour Bobble Scarf, $24.95 from Portmans; 4. Soft Jersey Scarf in Military Green, $29.95 from Witchery; 5. Metallic Foil Scarf, $39.95 from Sussan.

Black & White Scarves

SnS Autumn Style Update Black & White Scarves.jpg

1. Ladies Spot Scarf, $20 from Target; 2. Fine Check Bobbles Scarf, $24.95 from Portmans; 3. Jersey Stripe Scarf, $29.95 from Sussan; 4. Grate Print Scarf, $39.95 from Witchery; 5. Stripe Pom Pom Scarf, $69.95 from Country Road.

Colour-Tastic Scarves

SnS Autumn Update Colour Tastic Scarves.jpg

1. Multi Border Grid Scarf, $20 from Target; 2. Scenic Pond Scarf, $24.95 from Portmans; 3. Poppy Scarf in Chalk, $30 from Brown Paper Packages; 4. Mehndi Scarf in Olive & Navy, $30 from Brown Paper Packages; 5. Multi Print Block Scarf, $49.95 from Seed Femme.

Are you a scarf lover? What is your scarf of choice? What’s your pick of the above?