SnS Style Workshop: Autumn Black Dress Workshop

Last week, I was in my local Glassons, as you do, doing a little reconnaissance.

In my travels, I saw a great little black dress. Actually, I saw it’s cream and blue versions first, but then I tracked down the black which was hiding in the corner of the store behind some other, less exciting numbers.

No wonder they were hidden – these lovelies will sell like hot cakes. They come in under $50 and have loads of outfitting potential.

The dress I speak of is dress #1 in the line up below.

SnS Autumn Black Dress Workshop

1. Ponti Dress, $49.95 from Glassons; 2. Shape Your Body Gathered Shoulder Dress, $59 from Target; 3.Twist Jersey Dress, $99.95 from Witchery.

It was a no-brainer.

It was also inspiring.

An LBD is often associated with evening do’s but I got to thinking about how the right black dress can really go the distance during autumn and into winter. Day and Night.

It can be a very versatile piece in a girl’s wardrobe.

So I set out to find some other well priced black frocks that could go from day to night, with a little creativity coming in to play with interchanging shoes, jackets and accessories. As it gets colder, a pair of leggings, opaques or sheer stockings will further extend the outfitting possibilities.

It didn’t take long to find 3 great options, all under $100 (with two under $60), with different necklines and cuts.

Below, I have styled them in four different ways, covering a variety of possible rendezvous.  Any of the dresses above or the one presently in your wardrobe could be substituted for the dress in each look. Sometimes, its just about seeing things differently or finding a new way to wear an old favourite.

1. Out to the Movies/Daytime Appointment

SnS Autumn LBD #1

1. Check Coat, $149.95 from Sussan; 2. Ponti Dress, $49.95 from Glassons; 3. Cara Gusset Tote in Red, $40 from Target; 4. Carrie Suede Point, $99.95 from Country Road.

2. Family/Friends Catch Up for Brunch

SnS Autumn LBD #3

1. Ponti Dress, $49.95 from Glassons; 2. Babywool Waterfall Cardi in Stone Melange, $119.95 from Witchery; 3. Emerson Printed Ballet Flats in Aqua, $9.94 from Big W;

3. Work

SnS Autumn LBD Outfit #2

1. Basic Trench in Red, $129.95 from Portmans; 2. Shape Your Body Gathered Shoulder Dress, $59 from Target;  3. Perforated Hip Bag, $69.95 from Country Road; 4. Ella Spot Mid Heel, $229 from Country Road.

4. Date Night

SnS Autumn LBD Outfit #4

1. Twist Jersey Dress, $99.95 from Witchery; 2. Lydia Clutch, $59.95 from Witchery; 3. Pout About It in Bombshell, $9.95 from Sportsgirl; 4. Starling Black/Silver/Ombre Wedges by Diana Ferrari, $149.95 from from StyleTread.

Do you have a versatile LBD that takes you from day to night? What cut do you favour? What’s your pick of the above?