Where to Shop in Sorrento & Blairgowrie, Victoria

I am supposed to be on holidays this week, chillaxing on the glorious Mornington Penninsula. Turns out a gazillion other people also had the same idea as it is pretty busy around these parts.

The weather’s been decidedly un-beachy however, so I have had cause to do a few off site excursions. Yes, its true. I have had nowhere else to go but the local shops. Poor me.

As luck would have it, there is retail therapy available nearby and I have enjoyed walking up the main drag of Sorrento and looking into a few old favourites and finding some new gems.

Below are some of my favourites. I have also been travelling further afield so I’ll include those in a later post this week.

1. Coastal Living Sorrento

Coastal Living Sorrento, in the middle of the main street, is one of my first stops whenever I visit Sorrento.

My latest visit did not disappoint with a great range of home wares in the ocean shades of green, cream and blue with vintage and wooden accents. It reminds me of a similar looking shop in Hastings St, Noosa. Do you know the one I mean?

Below are a few snaps of my favourites displays.

photo 5


If you are loving these beautiful pendant lights (below) but can’t get to Sorrento anytime soon, pop over to the The Family Love Tree, which also has a shop in Richmond.

Coastal Living Sorrento #3

Coastal Living Sorrento #2

Unfortunately, Coastal Living Sorrento’s online presence appears to be limited but you can find them on Instagram here. They also have a second, much bigger shop down the road in Rosebud.

2. Emia Fashion Boutique

Emia boutique (below) is in the middle of the main drag and is heaven on a stick for fashionistas.

Emia stock a selection of gorgeous, floaty high end clothes but you will also find Spider & Lily accessories, footwear by Salt Water Sandals and Funkis Swedish Forms, Lazybones frocks and other miscellaneous fabulousness.

I walked away with a gorgeous kaftan on sale (it had birds on it and lashings of pink and aqua – how could I resist?) and my first pair of authentic Swedish clogs. Don’t call be Heidi.

Apologies for the white ute in the reflection too.

photo 2 (3)

3. Elephant – Eclectic Living

Elephant (below)  is my latest discovery in Sorrento. It’s tucked down a side street, just behind Brumby’s Bakery in George St. It is a beautiful store full of lovely bits and bobs including a great selection of cushions, ottomans and macrame pot holders, gorgeous prints and children’s wear and gifts.

I hooked myself up with a very Frida Kahlo-esque painted Mexican tin heart wall decoration which sounds random but is totally gorgeous.

You can find Elephant on Instagram, Facebook and read their blog.

photo 1 (4)

photo 5 (1)

4. Saltwater Trading

Saltwater (below) is one of Sorrento’s institutions and anyone who has visited will know it for its huge space filled with visually arresting displays of great fashion and unique home wares. This is one of those shops where you need to do at least two laps to see everything.

They also have an online store which you can find here and you can find also find them on Facebook.

At Saltwater, you’ll find the most enormous selection of gorgeous kaftans and resort wear by One Season, Adrift and Naudic; canvas runners by Walnut and an amazing and colourful selection of pendants and jewellery.

On the home wares front you’ll find Ralph Lauren couches and home wares, Mud ceramics and gorgeous tribal artifacts and statement pieces.

photo 3 (3)

photo 4 (2)

Also Recommended

There are lots of other fabulous places to check out including Sandarne, which is right next to Saltwater and  always full of gorgeous home wares and gifts.

For refreshments, you can’t beat Mubble for ice creams and gelato. A stop for coffee or brunch has to include the uber gorgeous The Sisters Kitchen Garden Cafe.

There is also a fantastic toy shop (below) next to Elephant, called The Toy Workshop. They have a huge selection of puppets and lots of other goodies if you need to stock up on birthday gifts while you are away. My 5 year old, who has a penchant for Pinocchio, was beside himself in this shop.

Toy Shop


On your way out or en route to Sorrento, I would recommend a quick stop at Whitenest in the Blairgowrie village.

This shop has a beautifully curated range of clothing, home wares and gift wares and a great kids’ section to boot. Even better they have an online shop.

Favourite brands include Mist clothing, Mozi home wares, Salt Water Sandals (lots of children’s SWS) and locally made jewellery and art.

One of their beautiful displays is captured below.


Finally, if you are looking to pick up a magazine, you might also be pleasantly surprised to find that the Blairgowrie newsagency stocks a great selection of resort wear including Adrift and Ruby Ya Ya. As a result, I bought a frock when I went in to pick up the latest Real Living!

They are some of my favourite picks in Sorrento & Blairgowrie. What do you think? What would you add? What’s on your list? 

Thank you for your comments. I love to hear from you!