The SnS Print Challenge: PRINT CLASH

I love a print clash but to be honest, I didn’t realise I was doing it until recently.

You see, for a couple of years now, I’ve been wearing my favourite striped scarves with pretty much everything. From florals to other stripes and everything in between. I decided I liked it because it introduced an element of interest and contrast. It also offset my tendency (ok, desperate need) to colour co-ordinate my outfits.


Lately, I’ve seen some of my favourite style bloggers take print clashing to the next level. Combinations I would not have necessarily considered myself that look absolutely fabulous when put together and worn with confidence.

SnS Print Challenge Day 6 PRINT CLASH collage

And that’s the key with the print clash.

You have to own it. Plenty of people will admire you. Some people won’t necessarily get it. But if it works for you and you feel fab, don’t over analyse it. Just do it.

In this post, you’ll find a range of outfits worn and styled by my friends and fellow fashion bloggers. Real people. People with kids, jobs and budgets. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you like they inspire me and perhaps give you the ideas and confidence to take your prints to a whole new level.

If you’d like a “how to” guide to print clashing, head over to iCurvy for this fabulous post.

Stripes + Leopard Print


Above: Styling You


ABOVE: Sonia Styling

Stripes + Check


ABOVE: Redcliffe Style

Geo + Floral


ABOVE: Kimba Likes

Floral + Leopard Print


ABOVE: Mama Stylista

Floral + Stripes

iCurvy Floral + Stripes

 ABOVE: iCurvy

Spots + Floral


ABOVE: Kimba Likes

Spots + Stripes


 ABOVE: iCurvy

Check + Leopard Print

photo (33)

ABOVE: Me (Style and Shenanigans)

Stripes + Paisley


ABOVE: Redcliffe Style

Leopard + Bird Print


Are you game to print clash? What’s your favourite print combo?

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