The SnS Print Challenge: The Wrap


What a fun week!

Before I go any further, I want to say a ginormous thank you to each and every one of you who joined in the SnS Print Challenge last week. Whether you posted once or every day, thank you for sharing your style with us. Personally, I found it really inspirational and fun. Kind of like a big colourful on line group hug.

In today’s post, I’m rounding up the week with a few observations and also including a slide show overview of some of the different ways in which each print was styled. It wasn’t easy choosing only seventy photos from the nearly six hundred fabulous photos taken but I hope they provide a sort of condensed style guide for each print.

For the bloggers out there, you’ll also find a link up below if you’d like to share your post on the week if you’ve written one or plan to write one. You can link up anytime in the next four weeks.

So without further ado, what were the take home messages from the week? Here are a few of mine. I’d love to hear yours in the comments below.

1. Prints are fun: Many people commented over at Instagram about how much fun they were having wearing a different print every day. The fun doesn’t need to stop though – keep looking for ways to mix up your everyday wardrobe and keep that fun fashion adrenalin pumping! If you like a bit of structure, repeat the print or even the colour challenge every other week to keep your everyday outfits interesting.

2. Everyone loves and wears stripes: I don’t think I saw a single comment about stripes being hard or someone saying they didn’t have any stripes in their wardrobe. This is good news! Stripes are an extremely versatile print and they never date. If you have plenty of stripes in your wardrobe already, think about finding new ways to wear stripes (shoes or skirts perhaps) and experiment with different colour combinations and styles.

3. Leopard Print & Spots are so hot right now: These two prints have the most loyal and ardent fans. People who wear them LOVE them. Can’t get enough of them. If you haven’t tried either one of them, check out the incredible diversity of ways in which people styled them. See if you can find something that might work for you.

4. Florals seems to divide: Not every is on the floral bandwagon and some approach floral with caution. If you associate florals with frumpy, clashing florals with a different print might be the approach for you.

5. There is a geo/check for everyone: There was a huge variety of geometric prints and checks – from pastel checks through to tartan and triangles through to grid styles. There really is a geometric print for everyone and endless ways to work this modern print.

6. Anyone, yes anyone, can print clash with confidence: Many of you expressed surprise and delight at your print clashing success and commented on how much you enjoyed putting your outfit together. I was absolutely blown away by the styling and creativity of your print clashing combos. It was super inspiring stuff. Who needs Pinterest with you guys working your magic!

Here is a visual highlights package of the week:

Thank you again to everyone for joining in the SnS Print Challenge!

So I’d love to hear from you – how you find the challenge? Were you challenged? Do you have a new favourite print? Shall we do it again sometime?

Are you a blogger?