TV Series & Flicks: The June 2017 Wrap

I’m really REALLY looking forward to the slower pace of the school holidays.

I’m already visualising my many nights in with all the essentials: PJs and slippers; heater on; blanket in position, lights dimmed and candle burning; awesome, gripping series on TV.

Having almost finished Season 5 House of Cards, I’m also looking forward to squeezing in one or two more series – depending on their length – before some of our favourites return with brand new seasons.

I think a little recap of Seasons 6 of SUITS and GoT may also be in order.

My goal for these holidays is to see a movie or two that’s not just for the kids. There are only so many Minions, Cars and Wimpy Kids I can do people! I’ve managed to see one earlier this week – more on that below – but If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments below.

Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been watching lately. (You can catch up with what I’ve been reading and the podcasts I’ve enjoyed lately here). 


We knocked off the new Netflix docuseries, The Keepers in the week before we left for Bali. Gosh, this was full on dot com.

It begins with the unsolved murder of Baltimore nun Cathy Cesnick in the 1969 and investigates the theory that she was killed because she became aware of systemic and widespread sexual abuse of schoolgirls at the school in which she taught by a high ranking (and respected) priest.

I found this series so compelling but it is deeply disturbing and very confronting. There was so much that struck me about this series but one of the school girls, now an adult, struck me in particular. Her testimony was just so powerful – she is so incredibly articulate, resilient and all round impressive. Absolutely extraordinary. Her experience, along with many others, is absolutely horrendous and it does not make for easy watching.

Like the Academy Award winning film Spotlight, this series made me feel seriously stabby and absolutely furious, so if you’re looking for light relief, this isn’t the series for you. However, what kept me going is that it was so shocking, and any discomfort I might have felt is absolutely minuscule  compared with the horror and trauma these girls experienced and continue to live with. And of course, their stories MUST be heard.

We’ve also kept trucking with Season 5 of House of Cards and we’ve only got a few eps to go. It doesn’t have the pace of some of the previous seasons but I’m hoping that all the threads will very explosively converge in the final episodes as they usually do. Right about now, I’m a bit worried about Tom. He’s skating on thin ice as my Mum would say!

I’m also seriously hanging out for Season 7 of Game of Thrones and SUITS, both of which air in July. BRING IT ON! I might treat myself to a few of the last episodes of season 6 to bring myself up to speed again.

How good is this trailer of GoT?!


I saw My Cousin Rachel a few weeks ago, an adaptation of the book of the same name by Daphne De Maurier. In much the same vein as her earlier novel Rebecca, a favourite of mine, My Cousin Rachel is a mystery full of suspense where truth and deception are hard to separate.

Rachel Weisz was compelling as her namesake and Me Before You’s Sam Clafkin, was terrific as the obsessed nephew.

I enjoyed this movie as I do love a period drama but I was scratching my head – and googling – when it ended. There’s a level of ambiguity which may or may not appeal to some veiwers.

However, if you love an old school mystery set on an English estate, I think you’ll enjoy My Cousin Rachel.

On the plane trip to Bali, I watched Hidden Figures. I had wanted to see this at the cinema when it was out – and take my eldest son as many friends had done and recommended – so I was pleased to catch up with it at last. I really enjoyed it – particularly getting an snapshot of the inside of the space race pressure during the 60s and, of course, the brilliant Afro-American women who made a massive contribution to NASA’s eventual success.

I also enjoyed watching the gorgeous Remy from House of Cards and an old favourite – I’m a child of the 90s – Kevin Costner, who I haven’t see in sooo long. Definitely recommended.

Earlier this week, a girlfriend and I decided some light entertainment was in order so we went to see The House, starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. This film is totally ridiculous, stilted in parts and has some gory bits – flashbacks of Santa Clarita Diet for me – but it was entertaining in a mindless, far fetched, cliched American suburban comedy way. I do love Will Ferrell though, so that definitely helped, but this is no Elf.

If you go with low expectations, I’m sure you’ll have a laugh or two. It’s definitely not worth $22 – maybe $2.99 – so maybe go on Cheap Tuesday or wait til it comes out on Pay TV.

So over to you – what have you been watching lately? What TV series should we start next?