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Ok, I have now been blogging for nearly two months on all things style and shenanigans, so I think it is time I got out from behind the keyboard to show you my own personal style on me in real life. From now, on, I will aim to regularly bring you an outfit I have worn during the week together with what the day held and any tips I can share about how to inject a bit of style into the shenanigans.

I work outside the home but spend the majority of my week at home with my  young children (aged 7, 5 and 2). My outfit each day has to be comfortable (as I walk most places), practical (because I often don’t have time to get changed during the day), but also reflect my personal style. To verify that shenanigans are very much a part of my every day, you will see my Master 2 doing a cameo in one photo, watering himself with the hose helpfully during this photo shoot! You can’t script this stuff.

Below is my debut outfit. A big thank you to the lovely Rachel from Redcliffe Style for her great post with tips on how to take flattering selfies. I obviously have a way to go, but you have to start somewhere.

Everyday Style @SC Collage

What am I wearing?

I am wearing three Metalicus pieces which I have bought over the last 12 months: a navy sleeveless dress, together with a white flared skirt slip and a cropped Azure blue cardigan. I wear this white slip under most of my Metalicus dresses and find it gives a smoother finish with an extra layer and the flared slip is flattering on my lower half. I also like the extra inch of length and flash of white it provides.

I am a big Metalicus fan because of the no-iron factor. I also find some of their shapes and styles are carried over season to season so it is easy to layer and mix and match pieces old and new. I love their colours and I think their spring/summer ranges are their strongest and they always have plenty of shapes and colours that suit me. While Metalicus is relatively expensive full price, I very rarely buy a piece full price. They regularly have sales with significant reductions and that is when I stock up on my favourite colours and with their loyalty program I occasionally receive a voucher or early access to promotions.

My shoes are Blue Salt Water Sandals. I absolutely love SWS and find them super comfortable and great style wise. I bought two pairs of SWS locally at Kiitos (patent yellow) and My Gidget (patent green). They retail for $85 in Australia. I then discovered I could buy them online from the US for $34.95 plus delivery from Me and My Feet once I knew my size (they have a unique sizing structure) and I have subsequently added to my collection.

Of my many pairs (you will see the rainbow featured in future posts), I have got the most wear out of my patent fuchsia SWS but my patent yellow SWS are my favourites hands down. On that note, I personally prefer the patent SWS in general and have found my white (matte) pair have discoloured easily as they are often trodden on by little feet.

I am wearing Seed Heritage nail polish in “Candy” on my toes and hands – a bright neon pink bought last summer. I don’t often bother getting my hands done as they are lucky to last 12 hours but I was offered a $10 file and paint at Ladies Race Day on Friday and couldn’t say no! I had packed my toe polish in my clutch for a matching finish. I prefer this colour on my toes only but it was fun for the weekend and I loved the contrast of the neon pink against the bright blue.

Jewellery wise, I am wearing a white Polka Luka ring, white drop earrings from Fudge and a necklace from Danidot Design.

What was I up to that day?

It was a busy Sunday with church in the morning, a trip to the supermarket, my son’s friend’s birthday party, some early Christmas shopping at the local shopping centre, followed lastly by a BBQ at my sister and brother in law’s place for dinner. I felt comfortable all day and felt my outfit suited all occasions and best of all, it suited me.

Why it worked for me?

The layers worked for a warm day 30 degree day. I wore the cardigan tied up in the morning and anywhere indoors with air conditioning. In the afternoon, I let the cardigan hang loose as the tie came undone and it looked relaxed and sat well.

I love my Salt Water Sandals and find them comfortable enough to wear all day long. I find the patent SWS are slightly dressier too and suited for day time social occasions. My necklace brought the whole outfit together with is colourful beads and the neon pink on my nails made sure there was an extra pop of colour.

Are you a fan of Metalicus or Salt Water Sandals? Why or Why not? Let’s workshop!

  • Delia @ Blog Formatting

    I love the light blue colours and the necklace the most! I am actually crazy about necklaces and buy one everywhere I g. It’s a great piece to wear and it also reminds me of the place I visited.

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      Thanks Delia. I am quite the necklace collector too and I love buying jewellery on holidays too – a great reminder that is easy/small to pack.

    • http://kimbalikes.com Kim-Marie Williams

      That’s a fab idea and I’ve just realised I do the same thing, although this year I was very good* and bought earrings and bracelets too.

      * Not my husband’s definition of the term! 😉

  • Carolyn

    Great post Vanessa! Loved it and will look forward to seeing your face on future posts. Adore your other posts too! Must get myself some sandals just don’t know which colour I’d choose first!! Carolyn

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      Thanks Caz! That is very kind of you. Happy to workshop colours, just bail me up anytime. If you want to see them in real life, I can show you mine too. x

      • Carolyn

        Sounds good, perhaps after this baby pops out!

        • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

          I will do an at home consult for a cuddle with your baby :)

  • Amanda

    Love it all and am going to check out those sandals. But the scary thing: early Christmas shopping? What’s that all about, you’re frightening me!

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      Thanks Amanda! I have broad feet and find them comfy. My sister has narrow feet and she loves them too so I feel confident recommending them. Sorry to freak you out about the Christmas shopping – my eldest son had a birthday party at Time Zone so I ran down to Big W for a peep and came out with wrapping paper, voucher holders and books for gifts – I’ll post a photo of my stash tomorrow. x

    • http://kimbalikes.com Kim-Marie Williams

      I had done all my overseas family Xmas shopping by March! The Welshman and I are only doing stocking stuff this year (I may have shopped so much in the States that I burned through my birthday AND Xmas allowance, just quietly). Just have to pick up a few bits and pieces for my 9 yo Boyo and sort out presents for our early December Xmas with friends-who-are-family before they head off to Xmas in the snow in England and Denmark.

  • Gabriel Norris

    I love your personal style, V. You always looks so stylish, but comfortable and appropriate for the occasion/event. Its really exciting to see you deconstruct an outfit like this! Perhaps I can inject a little more style into the shenanigans that are my life 😉

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      Oh thank you kindly Gab, that is very kind of you. You know a thing or two yourself – including grey/silver is your go to colour! x

      • Gabriel Norris

        Yes, I do love my greys :) Understanding what suits me has made it so much easier to dress in things that look good and make me feel good. Though I am committed to introducing lots of new colours into my wardrobe this season. Looking forward to more ‘Everyday style @ Shenanigan Central’ :)

        • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

          Thanks gorge! x

  • 26 Years & Counting

    I only just heard about Metallicus recently and I’m interested to try their clothes!

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      26 & C, if you can go into one of their stores and try on a few different things, you will get a feel for it, and you can then shop on line if that’s easier. I hope you like it as much as I do. x

  • tracysestili

    That blue is such the hot color right now. The only thing I’m missing is the shoes!! Must go to SWS! Thanks!

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      You are welcome Tracy! Love that blue too. Happy shopping. x

  • Norlin Mustapha

    I love the stuff from Metallicus! They are just so comfortable and versatile. You look fab Vanessa and love it that you bit the bullet to share with us what you wore! :)

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      Thank you Norlin, appreciate it! x

  • bbeingcool

    I love this outfit! You know I love Saltwaters! I will be checking out your links for sure!

    Good on you for being brave and getting in front of the camera. It is scary….

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      Thank you B and yes I thought of you when I wrote this! Happy shopping. x

  • FashMomVicki

    Hi! I love finding new blogs, having a good mooch through your posts now. I”ve never been into Metallicus, but I keep seeing it mentioned so might brave it – it seems a bit intimidating for some reason!

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      Thanks for stopping by FashMomVicki, lovely to have you. Metallicus is worth a try, give yourself some time (i.e. go by yourself!) to try and few things on and see what suits/works. I also wear it to work, I find it really versatile. Let me know how you go!

  • Laney | Crash Test Mummy

    I’ve been getting into the blues lately too. Those colours really suit you. I must check out Metallicus again, I think I used to have a couple of their pieces years ago, ok it was a decade!

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      Thank you Laney, I find Metallicus very forgiving for Mummies. x

  • http://soniastyling.com/ Sonia

    First of all, you look fab! And congrats on your first outfit post. More please! I never used to wear blue at all however slowly but surely it has crept into my wardrobe and I now love it – especially in summer.

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      Thanks Sonia. I think it would really suit you. Appreciate your encouragement too. x

    • http://kimbalikes.com Kim-Marie Williams

      Ooh, yes. You’d look gorgeous in blues. Mind you, you’d look gorgeous in a gunny sack!

      Blue is currently my favourite colour – in home decor and clothing. Haven’t quite extended to blue eyeshadow yet though 😉

      • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

        Love it KM, but with you on the blue eye shadow :)

  • Amy Zempilas

    Love your debut outfit post! The turquoise SWS with that gorge polish is just fabulous. You totally nailed an outfit that was stylish and practical for your very busy day. Can’t wait for your next outfit post! x x xx

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      Thanks Amy, bless. Appreciate your encouragement. x

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  • http://kimbalikes.com Kim-Marie Williams

    HUGE Metalicus fan here, Vanessa. My supermarket is conveniently located at the same shopping centre as a Metalicus outlet. The sales and member benefits are amazeballs too.

    My Metalicus tank dresses get a workout during the summer when I can’t wear leggings or opaque tights because it is just too damned hot. I don’t know if I’m just getting older or skirts and dresses are getting shorter, but my Metalicus slips are absolute lifesavers for saving a girl’s modesty on a windy day! My top tip is to pop one under a kaftan and suddenly a see through. slit up the sides beach coverup is now another outfit.

    My holiday suitcase isn’t complete without Metalicus either.

    SWS and I haven’t made the connection though, I’m afraid. I have a ridiculously high instep and find them just a little too flat for comfort.

    The tonal blues are gorgeous and the pop of fuchsia is a winner!

    Congratulations and welcome to the Selfie OOTD Club xxx

    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      Thanks KM, you are a lucky duck having access to an outlet so close! I am with you on the holiday pack too, they are great for the plane, in fact I wore one on the plane to the PB Event recently. Sorry to hear about you and SWS too :( Thanks for all your gorgeous encouragement. x

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  • wwsurfers

    Hi, I am commenting from: http://onlinembaprograms.co/, I think I like your idea and you’re looking good in your pics, you’re so young in blogging but you’re doing so good already. Good luck


    • http://www.styleandshenanigans.com/ Vanessa

      Thank you very much. Good luck with your blog too!

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