Luxe to Less: Off the Shoulder & Cold Shoulder Dresses

AW16 Off the Shoulder Dresses From Luxe to Less

Along with white dresses, this Summer was all about shoulders. Off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops and dresses were EVERYWHERE. One of my blogging pals, Nikki/Styling You is the number one ticket holder of the off the shoulder fan club (read all about it here), while I'm loving it's shoulder exposing but lazier sister - the cold shoulder option. For me, with only one semi decent … [Read more...]

Styled Three Ways – The Collection Feather Sleeved Tee from Seed

Styled Three Ways

In today's edition of styled three ways, I'm featuring a top I successfully styled stalked over many months: The Collection Feather Sleeved Tee, $79.95 from Seed Heritage. I'm always on the look out for block coloured tops that work with the many prints in my wardrobe. The divine feather detail in this one immediately caught my eye.  Upon closer inspection, I also saw the feathers … [Read more...]

Five (More) Great Brunch Spots in Melbourne

5 Great Brunch Spots in Melbourne

Welcome to the latest wrap of my latest foodie finds. Once again, I'm amazed at the variety and breadth of great brunch options around town. For me, this is even more reason to go somewhere fabulous instead of ho-hum when I get the chance. Have you discovered somewhere fabulous lately? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below. 1. Blood Orange Food Store - Burwood Rd, East … [Read more...]

Everyday Style @ Shenanigans Central – White Dresses

EDS - White Dresses

I have been having a love affair with white frockery of late. Along with chambray and black (but that's another post), white dresses have been my Summer loves with their simplicity and classic style. Add some lace, broderie or some other pretty textural element and I am there with a spray tan on. Sure, I tend to wear chambray or my usual prints during the day with the kids (there's only … [Read more...]

What to Wear in February

What to Wear in February - Casual

Hello and welcome to February and to our latest edition of What to Wear. In these monthly "What to Wear" posts, I'm aiming to bring you new season pieces that you can wear right now and into the season beyond. This month, I'm including outfits for date night (hello lovers) slash Valentine's Day, as well as options for everyday/casual and work. As always, it's an edit of what's in store … [Read more...]

Books & Flicks: The Summer 2015/16 Wrap

PicMBooks & Flicks - The Summer 2016 Wrap

One of the things I enjoyed the most about the Summer holidays (besides the lack of routine, lunch boxes extra curricular shenanigans) was the chance to really get stuck into some good books. When we were in Phillip Island, all those beautiful beach days meant I had time to read on the beach as well as during rest time and at night. So. Good. When I tallied up how many books I'd read over … [Read more...]