Summer Brunch

Style and Shenanigans Summer Brunch

It's no secret around here that I love a spot of summer entertaining, especially over January. With no swimming lessons, sport and fewer birthday parties, it's been nice to have our whole weekends to ourselves for a change. It's actually kind of fabulous. It also creates some space and the opportunity to have friends over. And as I've said before, I do love having friends over for … [Read more...]

Ten Tips for Parents “Starting School”

Ten Tips for Parents Starting School

This week four years ago I was preparing for my eldest son's first day of school. Turns out it was my first day of school, albeit as a parent, too. I was incredibly excited, nervous and full of anticipation of what this next chapter in our lives would look like. My son was ready. I was ready. With his brand new school uniform ironed, fresh hair cut, new art smock, library bag, … [Read more...]

Books and Flicks: The January Wrap

The January Wrap

If there is ever a month that I can hope to read more than my usual monthly quota, it's January. It's also the month in which I see loads of films. Well, three actually, but it's all relative as this was the approximate number of films I saw in the first five years I was parent. Have you been reading much? Gone to the flicks either suburban style or maybe you've enjoyed outdoor or … [Read more...]

How to Holiday with Kids Part 3: Where to Go in Australia

Holiday With Kids - Australia Slider

In today's post, the third in this series of How to Holiday with Kids, I'm sharing some of our favourite family holiday destinations within Australia. (I've previously covered how our holidays have changed as our family has grown and some of our favourite family holiday destinations in Victoria). Today's post shifts gears a little and looks broader. Australia is an enormous country … [Read more...]

What to Wear to an Australia Day BBQ

PicMonkey Collage (3)

This time next week, we will be enjoying another well earned day off. After all, it will have been 25 days between public holidays. Right? And that's as good an excuse as any to throw a lamb chop/vegie burger/satay stick/prawn/gourmet skewer involving haloumi on the barbie, invite a few friends around and enjoy the day together. I know there will be plenty of delicious aromas wafting … [Read more...]

What to do on the Mornington Peninsula with Kids

30 Things to Do on the Mornington Penisula with Kids

I've been holidaying on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula my whole life. As a child, we spent summers visiting our cousins in Dromana, spending most of our time in the caravan park and at Safety Beach. As a young adult, my friends and I would plan our visits around the Red Hill Market and make sure we hit up several of the local wineries. Thanks to a close friend, our book club now has … [Read more...]