Five Great Breakfast/Brunch Spots in Melbourne

5 Great BreakfastBrunch Spots in Melbourne

I'm always on the look out for great places to eat in and around Melbourne. And eating out for breakfast/brunch, is one of my all time favourite things to do - all in the name of research, of course. Over the last couple of months, I've had the great gastronomic pleasure of dining at some rather fabulous spots and in today's post, I'm sharing some of my favourites. Have you been … [Read more...]

How to Wear Culottes & Wide Leg Pants

Culottes from Luxe to Less

After several years of skinny jeans, there's a new silhouette in town. Well, it's actually a modern take on a retro style - the wide legged pant and it's shorter, ankle revealing sister, the culotte. Generally sitting high on the waist, wide legged styles can be surprisingly flattering, particularly if you have a smaller waist/wider hips as this style accentuates the waist and then gently … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

This post is sponsored by Orbitkey Father's Day is less than a couple of weeks away. Already. Can you believe it? It tends to creep up on me after a busy August, particularly because it falls on the first weekend of September. It's a busy one around these parts too. With a Dad, Step-Dad, Father in Law plus Mr SnS ("the Dads"), I have a lot of Dads to think about. Did someone say Dad … [Read more...]

Three Take Home Messages from #PBEVENT

Take Home Messages from #pbevent

It's taken me pretty much all week to mentally sift through all the incredibly interesting, inspiring and informative teaching I heard last weekend at this year's Problogger Conference a.k.a #pbevent. As some of you may know, Problogger himself is Mr SnS, and while being married to him for the last thirteen years means I've picked up a fair bit by osmosis and observation, the fact is that … [Read more...]

Spring Pants from Luxe to Less: Jeans

Jeans from Luxe to Less

Last week we began our new series on all things Spring Pants. As I touched on then, with all the new Spring drops in store, now is a great time to edit your pant-robe and work out if there are any gaps. Last week I covered new season harem pants and jogger/utility pants with some ideas of how to style them. This week, we're looking at what's on offer in the jeans department. While the … [Read more...]

Everyday Style @ #PBEVENT


Wow. What a weekend. I’ve just returned from #pbevent - a blogging conference attended by over 700 bloggers organised by Mr SnS a.k.a. Problogger and his team - and my head is spinning. So much great teaching from inspiring speakers within the Australian blogosphere and abroad; so many interesting, generous and creative people to talk to and dream with; and of course, so many great moves … [Read more...]