Book & Flicks: The June/July Wrap

Book & Movie Reviews July 2015

It's been a big couple of months of reading around here. I decided a couple of months ago that I was wasting a lot of time watching TV at night, time that could (and should) be spent reading. So I started to put myself to bed an hour or two earlier every night with my electric blanket and a good book. Party animal, I know! Lo and behold though, I've knocked off five books in two months, … [Read more...]

Striped Tops & Dresses from Luxe to Less

Striped Dresses

Well, we are certainly in between seasons as far as fashion goes. Retailers know we're not quite ready for Spring fashion yet (especially here in the southern states) but high Winter has well and truly come and gone. And that's why the stores are suddenly full of very excellent basics for trans-seasonal dressing. I'm talking long sleeved tees, jeans and denim skirts, simple blouses and … [Read more...]

What to Do on a Weekend in Melbourne

What do Do on a Weekend In Melbourne

Today's post is in response to a reader request: Dear Vanessa I would love your ideas on what to do in Melbourne for a couples weekend. My hubby works in Melbourne Mon-Fri (we live in Sydney) and I'm joining him in Melbourne in early August for a child-free, grown ups weekend. We've already booked our accommodation but places to eat, visit, shop etc...I'd love to hear your thoughts. Michelle … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes of a Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes at a Professional Photo Shoot

Earlier this week, in this post, I shared some of my photos from my recent profesh photo shoot with the fabulous Gina Milicia. I'd love to say that I roll out of bed every day looking photo shoot ready but of course that would be a big fat porky pie. Unlike Mr SnS, for whom getting photo shoot ready means shaving and choosing a few outfits to wear, for me, it was a little more … [Read more...]

Where to Shop for Statement Earrings

Where to Shop for Statement Earrings

It's no secret around these parts that I love a good pair of statement earrings. (In fact, a bloggy pal slash reader contacted me this week to ask me where she should shop for them which inspired this very post). While I'm always mindful of not slipping into Margaret Pomeranz territory, I just can't resist a great pair of earrings and their power to transform an outfit. Paired with a block … [Read more...]

My Professional Photo Shoot


Recently, Mr SnS decided he needed some new head shots (professional photos) for his blogs and other work bits and bobs. He approached the fab Gina Milicia, who he has worked with before, to take a few snaps. It's been on my radar to update my head shots for a while - I was inspired by my bloggy pals Styling You and Sonia Styling's recent shoots and, as much as I loved my previous head shot, … [Read more...]