Monochrome: From Luxe to Less

Monochrome Dresses from Luxe to Less

I think I'm having a wee colour "hangover" from last week. Don't get me wrong. I love colour. And I've still been wearing it every day since, but a full week of colour wearing has made me long for the classic simplicity of monochrome. Why? Well, as with anything in life, it's all about light and shade. For me, this translates to mixing up colour, which I generally gravitate to and wear … [Read more...]

#SNSCOLOUR 2015: The Wrap

#snscolour the wrap slider

Well that was a fabulous week! Thank you to each and every one of you who joined in #snscolour last week, whether it be for a day or two or the full five days. It was awesome and inspiring seeing you every day over on Instagram. I love how IG allows us all a peek into each other's wardrobes and the opportunity to see how everyone interprets and wears the colour/s of the day. So many … [Read more...]

#SNSCOLOUR 2015 Day 5: Citrus Hues


Welcome to our fifth and final day of #snscolour 2015. I know, already! Today, the focus is on Citrus Hues, those bright, zesty colours that really pack a punch, even in small doses. As we farewell summer for another year though, it's time to say goodbye to the lemon and acid yellow that has featured in many a summer collection. If you love a pop of citrus here and there, as many of us … [Read more...]

#SNSCOLOUR 2015 Day 4: Back to Nature

#SNSCOLOUR Back to Nature - Slider

Natural tones and botanical prints are making a welcome comeback this Autumn. From earthy neutral tones of sand and stone through to all shades of green, it's easy to get in touch with nature without going any where near the garden. And it's a very good thing. Why? Well, neutral block coloured pieces make great wardrobe basics. For example, a cream wrap cardigan (like 8, below) will … [Read more...]

#SNSCOLOUR 2015 Day 3: Jewel Tones


Darker shades of blue often appear in summer fashion but it's not until Autumn proper that we usually see deep jewel tones in stores. From ruby reds through to emerald greens, these intense, rich colours are striking and make an impression, even in simple block colours. A sapphire blue clutch with an all black outfit; a pair of jewelled earrings with a simple emerald green dress; a pair of … [Read more...]

#SNSCOLOUR 2015 Day 2: Pastel Central


If there was such a thing, I'd be the #1 ticket holder at Club Pastel. Or the Mayor of Pastel Central. Or if I was Prince, it would have been a Pastel Beret. You get the drift. I love them. And I hope they love me. Last year, at the beginning of spring, it was refreshing to see the return of pastels - mint greens, soft aqua, blush pink and lemon. I went to town. I … [Read more...]