A Few of My Favourite Things #18 of 2017

Welcome to the latest edition of A Few of My Favourite Things.

Well, on top of a really tough month, it’s been a pretty crazy week around here and I’m feeling Fatigued with a capital F.

Mr 6 has started two weeks of school swimming. There was an excursion and school camp for Mr 11 and a dress up day for Mr 9. Add in all the usual extra-curricular activities and an after school birthday party, and Shenanigans Central has been living up to it’s rep and then some.

I’ve had quite a bit on too – meetings and two book club get togethers this week and a lingering virus – so many people are sick right now – so I haven’t been firing on all cylinders myself.

Thankfully we had a slow Sunday to prepare for the week ahead and I’m putting one foot in front of the other with Friday night as the finish line. Once this week is over, I’ll start getting sorted for Mr 11 and my trip China, which is only two weeks away. TWO WEEKS. Gosh this term has flown.

Anyhoo, in and amongst All Of The Above, the following bits and bobs have caught my fancy …

1. Stevie Nicks

I’m a big Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan and was totes devo to miss them on their last Australian tour two years ago – I was celebrating my 40th in Bali at the time – so I did not think twice and snapped up tickets for her November show this week. The Pretenders, who I also love, are touring with her so it’s a case of double WINNING.

Image source

I’m also proud to say my kids are all die hard fans too – Jack Black’s School of Rock helped with that –  with Mr 6 requesting Stevie Nicks in the car on the way to a friend’s party this week. We all love to drive with Edge of Seventeen blaring and everyone singing about the white winged dove and the “Oo baby, Oo, said Oo”.

People, my work here is done.

2. New Season Elk Accessories

This week Elk Accessories launched their new ‘Muse’ collection, which is inspired by artists and features some really beautiful abstract prints, like this one below …

Frankenthaler Silk Dress

I’m also rather partial to a summer time jumpsuit and this simple but uber chic version is right on the money …

Black Wide Leg Jumpsuit

I’m heading in store to my local stockist stat to try on both of these and more.

3. Signs of Spring

Despite the seriously erratic weather around these parts, miraculously, there are still signs of new life in the ‘hood.

As I pound the pavement to and fro school, I’ve seen blossoms, flowers and new buds, which is not only pleasing to the eye but creates that lovely fresh Spring aroma. Now we’re just looking forward to some consistent weather to match the blooms!

4. Narcos

As I mentioned on Facebook earlier this week, I’m currently obsessed with the Netflix series Narcos. Inspired by true events, this series follows the fortunes of the Colombian cartels during the 80s with focus on “narcoterrorist” Pablo Escobar.

It’s well outside my normal areas of interest but I think the fact that it’s drawn from true events – and actual news footage is used in many episodes – make this series so compelling. Frankly, it’s unbelievable what went down in Colombia during this time and the interplay between the narcos, local government and cops, U.S government and their agencies is the stuff of great drama and intrigue.

We’re well into the second series now and it’s not as fast paced as the first season and a little repetitive in parts, but the drama is still building and the jaw dropping moments just keep coming. I can’t wait for Season 3 which airs in early September too.

So over to you, what have you been loving this week? Anyone else loving rocking out to The Edge of Seventeen?