The #SNSCOLOR Challenge 2015

At the end of summer, like any season, it’s easy to fall in to Ruttsville when it comes to what you wear.

While it’s easier to get dressed when you know what the day is likely to hold weather wise, sometimes this ease can slip in to a case of same-old-itis – i.e. reaching for the same outfits over and over again.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s great to get plenty of wear out of your favourites, but I bet you, like me, tend to wear only a very small percentage of your wardrobe. You know, the 20/80 rule and all that.

One way to break up the Ruttsville is to try and mix things up.

Here at Shenanigans Central, we love colour. I know that’s not breaking news around here but it’s just such a simple and fun way to inject some interest into a wardrobe. Even if you’re not comfortable wearing a lot of colour all the time, a little bit of colour and experimenting with different tones can freshen things up big time. It’ll make make you feel good too!

So, next week, the #snscolour challenge is back again for 2015 (you can can catch up on last year’s challenge here). Instead of wearing a particular colour every day like last year, though, this year, for the most part, there’s more choice and potentially more colours to choose from within each colour group.

Some days’ colours are classic; some reflect what’s in store now for Autumn 2015; others may be summer favourites that you’d love to get a little bit more wear from before the cool weather sets in.

SnS (4)

The idea is to wear a little or a lot of the colour/s of the day, how you like and where you like it. A statement accessory, a great shoe, a jacket or head to toe. Anything goes at Shenanigans Central.

So for Monday, start the week with shades of grey –  one of Autumn’s hottest trends. Wear it how you like it whether that’s tailored for work, drapey, casual or dial up some sports luxe.

On Tuesday, we’ll be working our Summer pastels – blush pink, baby blue, mint green and lemon. As you’ll see, the baby blues and blush pinks are being carried through in the Autumn 2015 ranges too.

On Wednesday, it’s all about Autumn’s jewel tones: emerald green, intense blues, amber and ruby red.

On Thursday, we’ll be looking to nature for inspiration. Think natural tones, khakis, botanical greens and prints and moody blues.

On Friday, we’ll end on a bright note with citrus hues – pops of yellow, orange, lime and tangerine, whether neon brights or more subdued tones.

This is just a guide though.

It might sound prescriptive but it’s not about rules.

It’s about rediscovering what’s in your wardrobe, changing up your every day wardrobe and looking forward to what’s happening in fashion for the coming season.

Feel free to join in every day or the days that suit you. It’s about having fun and being inspired by each other.

If you’d like to post a photo of your outfit, I’d love to see you. Just post your pic on the Style and Shenanigans Facebook page or just tag @styleandshenanigans on Instagram and use the hashtag #snscolour and I’ll find you (don’t forget to use Styling You’s #everydaystyle and Kimba Likes’ and Redcliffe Style’s #summerstyle hashtags too). It’s fab to find some new IG friends and to give each other a virtual high five.

Fashion bloggers, I’ll include a link each day too if you have a post you’d like to share on the theme of the day.

So, are you looking to mix things up a bit? Could you do with an emergency rescue from Ruttsville? Will you be joining in #SNSColour 2015?